What is CEP?

Understanding civic rights, duties and responsibilities are essential components of any social studies curriculum. But seldom do we realize the essence of being a responsible citizen and how they are based on culture and society. Counseling through arts adopts creative expressions to connect with the children. Through the medium of arts, children are encouraged to acknowledge these issues, address the problems, come up with creative solutions and bring awareness in a community

Identifying the Gap

CEP is beneficial to all children and helps them address Global, National, Local and Family responsibilities. They are encouraged to become more sensitive to the environment and caring towards other fellow world citizens, responsible towards the nation and participate as a family.

Addressing the Problem

The purpose of art in CEP is essentially one of creating awareness and encouraging creative solutions to the existing problems. At BOL, visual art and art medium vary from painting to music to films that is employed to address and solve the problems.


Arts trigger the creative process, and the resultant artworks reflect their feelings, reconcile emotional conflicts, foster global to local awareness, address superstitions, develop social skills, improve reality orientation and hence develop ideal world citizens.

Our Work

The above benefits are also accompanied by beautiful films, picture books, artworks, music concerts and plays. For the parents and teachers, we have qualitative and quantitative growth analysis reports, councelling sessions and bi-annual parent teacher workshops.