About BOL

BOL CHILD aspires to capture and amplify the voices, expressions and imagination of children, through content made for them, by them. BOL CHILD is a non profit organization registered U/s 25 of the Companies Act. BOL CHILD has acquired the 12AA and 80G Certificates from the Indian government for tax rebate to any donors.
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BOL, a not-for-profit based in India, founded in 2010, holds a vision of engaging community children/youth in/with art, training them to raise their voices through animation films,picture books and music and thus, empowering them to share their own stories through the powerful medium of art.



The main objective of BOL is to expose, engage and empower children and youth with the robust tool of filmmaking for social awareness, problem solving and cognitive training. Similarly, the picture books created by BOL share indigenous stories in indigenous illustration styles. The projects are usually executed through a Masterclass ranging from 1 day to 2 months depending on the requirements of the project/funder and engagement with the participants.


The ‘Community Storytelling’ is achieved through designed Masterclasses. Every Masterclass demands an unique approach, critical thinking and informed designing of the workshop modules.

The masterclass modules are designed and customised keeping the context in mind. The context is guided by the space where the stories belong, the backgrounds of community youth participating in the workshop and the sensibilities of the audience for whom the films are targeted. Which makes each of our every project unique.


The children and youth have made films on deforestation as in ‘Van-de-Mataram’, issues on child trafficking as in ‘Born Free’, right to education for all in ‘Draw Your Rights’ and challenges of rural India in ‘Kowar Katha’.

Our recent project titled, ‘Stand Up for Women, Stand Up for Peace’ entails making a series of animated documentaries on gender based violence (GBV) specially on the sensitive topic of ‘Rape as a War Weapon’ conducted at Myanmar. The project was produced by Yangon Film School, Myanmar.

Another series of animated documentaries titled ‘Of Peaceful Days’, based on a book by the same name, portrays stories of friendship between different religious groups in Myanmar. We also explored the local folk tales like ‘The Talking Parrot’ and ‘Catch Me if You Can’.

What we do

BOL CHILD aspires to capture and amplify the voices, expressions and imagination of children through content made for them, by them. The idea that art, dance, theater, music are as much a method of expression and communication as words forms the backbone of BOL CHILD's mission. These diverse forms of expression then becomes a language of its own - A language of the Children.

The six projects running under BOL CHILD are ARTS IN EDUCATION, INDIGENOUS ART PRESERVATION (IAP), ART THERAPY, STRESS MANAGEMENT THROUGH ARTS (SMTA), CITIZENSHIP EDUCATION PROGRAMS (CEP) AND INCLUSIVE PROGRAMS. We give you a brief overview of the concept of Art Therapy, identifying the gap, addressing the problem, the process and the results.

A major area of work for the nonprofit organization has been, recognizing communities whose voices remain unheard and then supporting their unique expressions; encouraging the heterogeneous nature of their art, culture and heritage. These voices are manifested as folk tales, original stories, animation movies, plays, musicals, illustrations, and various art products. Along with the philanthropic incentive BOL CHILD also has a pedagogical stimulus: periodic implementation programmes and a vision for research and development.

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